Vino Elixir

Protects • Refines • Soothes

Innovative line based on a unique type of anti-oxidant grapes extract, developed after a long clinical research. Extremely rich with polyphenols and natural tocopherol (Vitamin E), this advanced biotechnology extract protects skin cells against oxidative stress and environmental damages, protects collagen against degradation, and fights free radicals.

It has 3 in 1 properties: strong antioxidant (protects), anti-aging (refines) and soothing. Acting as anti-inflammatory, it also reduces redness and has anti-allergenic effects. Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Hyaluronic Acid this advanced formula increases firmness, moisturizes, soothes and revitalizes the skin, keeping it soft and rejuvenated.

Your skin will radiate a younger, fresh, new-found vitality!

Vino Elixir

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