The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has been known for thousands of years as a source of health-giving and beautifying properties. Cleopatra sought here the secrets of eternal beauty in these magical and mineral-rich waters.

Today, modern science has proven the therapeutic and rejuvenating properties of the Dead Sea’s unique mineral content and rich Black Mud. The Dead Sea has become a renowned center for natural health & beauty treatments, with people coming from around the world to bathe in its mineral-rich waters and apply its famous black mud.

We combine these unique minerals and black mud with innovative ingredients, anti – oxidant oils, shea butter and vitamins in our products to maximize the beauty benefits of our lines.

We invite you to experience the Dead Sea -in your home- with Edom’s assorted naturally scientific lines of skin care: scientifically proven and with more natural ingredients. No Parabens, No Mineral Oil, No Lanolin, No Formaldehyde. Enjoy sensual textures and a luminous glow pampering Body, Skin and Spirit! Your skin will radiate a younger, fresh, new-found vitality!