Anti Aging Face Mask

For all skin types

Protects • Firms • Revives • Brightens

A special Mask, designed to detoxify, firm and tone the skin. This advanced mask formula, combines VITAMIN C, Dead Sea minerals and plant oils along with Zinc Oxide and mask powders, to exfoliate, cleanse, nourish and invigorate the skin at the same time. The innovative mask effect restores natural moisture and elasticity, leaving your skin delightfully cleansed , smooth, firm and radiant.

1.7 FL.Oz 50 ML


Vitamin C – Powerful Antioxidant

Powerful antioxidant: Protects • Firms

A new generation of an active Vitamin C - a powerful anti-oxidant combined with Vitamin E, Dead Sea minerals and plant Oils. Provides superb anti-aging effects by protecting the skin against UV-induced cell damage, fighting photoaging and free radicals. A newer form of Vitamin C that offers a better overall performance while enhancing skin rejuvenation. Best of all, it is highly stable, has excellent absorption, and it helps treating uneven skin tone. Leaves your skin delightfully firm, smooth, radiant and youthful. Your skin will experience a luminous glow infused with the beauty of youth!


Vitamin C, Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E